CW Alumnae Sisterhood



Our graduates frequently return to their beloved school to visit and share stories of their life in the public high school in Cusco. We are up to date on their progress, achievements and difficulties away from the Chicuchas Wasi family style of comprehensive education. In 2015 we formed the CW Alumnae Sisterhood that meet every 2 months with the director for a lunch meeting and also with the current students of the Chicuchas Wasi school to act as mentors for the next graduating class and to help younger students prepare for life away from CW. They are our youngest ambassadors for CW and are constantly promoting and sharing the values they learned while at CW school.


Our alumni from the 2013 and 2014 graduating classes met last December 2015 at CW school director, Ruth Uribe’s home for lunch and catch up in preparation to meet the younger girls about to graduate.


Girls are loving reuniting with old friends, laughing at their stories and being teenagers.