The Cusco community has in many ways shown it’s support of the Chicuchas Wasi school, especially since our new school opened in 2013.  We appreciate their help and share below is a list as of May 2016.

Efrain Valles Morales, Cusco Tour Operator gathered his Travel Co. friends and they brought Christmas to 110 girls at Chicuchas Wasi.

Efrain organizes Xmas party copy



1476562_603115249725444_2118325486_nChristmas at Chicuchas Wasi school with a special doll for every girl, hot chocolate and panettone for all.

Dr. Hyber Luna, Dentist


Dental chair above donated by Dr. Hyber Luna

Efrain at CW

The dental exams and restoration were sponsored by Efrain Valles Morales, APEX Peru Adventure, Cusco Tour company in 2015.  All of our students saw the dentist for the first time in 2014 and were treated and instructed on good oral hygiene. Efrain Valles Morales, a part of CW for 30 years and active CW board member today sponsored this program for the school 2015 year. Since then we Covid and other financial hurdles put this project on hold. Since then we only sporadically bring the dentist to the school for dental checkups.

Rotary Club “Lake in the Hills” IL. and Cusco Rotary Cusco      Bellas Arts Students.IMG_4075 copy

Rotary painters doing mural

IMG_0565 (2)Rotary clubs painted the mural along with the Cusco Bellas Artes Students. Rotarians also helped plant trees around the school.

Local Community Supporters

Ing. Elgner Roman, organized students of the University of Andes of Cusco – they donated notebooks, clothes, and toys.

Fernando Uribe – donated 5 wood tables,  10 wood chairs

Parents group of CW family – donated 6 DVDs, curtains, Basketball hoop, puzzles proceeds from a fundraising event at the school.

Biologist, Rossana Vera – donated 5 garbage cans and 1 recycling can for plastic

Local Business Support

Amazona Explores S.A. – Office supplies and food supplies

Tanit Trails – Office supplies and food supplies

Hotel Casa San Blas – 5 televisions for classrooms

Ruben Apaza – Fruit

Ugel Cusco – Cleaning supplies and education material

Bakus S.A. – 10 wooden trays and ceramic plates

Local Government Support

Ministry of Education – Provides accreditation and defines academic guidlines

Ministry of Justice – Oversees nonprofits status

Municipality of San Sebastian – Road maintenance, Loans us the podium, tables and other items for school civic activities

Medical team: Dr. Champita and his Nurse come to Chicuchas Wasi school every March to do student medical exams

Cusco Rotary Club – sent visiting Rotarians to paint murals and planted fruit trees

IMG_4745Mothers also dress up in typical village dress and dance on special cultural days to support their daughters.

IMG_2442Parents work to prepare the grounds (tree planting, school gardens) of the school. Both mothers and fathers lend a hand.

IMG_2420CW girls march in the community, with class made signs, to promote the end of violence to women and other international awareness days.

IMG_20150603_102314463_HDRCW students show local community how to pick up garbage to dispose of it and protect Mother Earth by not throwing it on the road.

With obligatory attendance at the meetings of their daughter’s school, parents realize they are an importence influence in the success of the school and their daughters progress in education. Here the painting of the worn doors of each classroom needed some maintenance and parents organized themselves to paint them.

Our parents often dress in their traditional costumes and proudly dance for their daughter’s school and in this case for the CW 30th Anniversary.