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Travel to Cusco, Peru 

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travel with Efrain Valles and his

Please contact Efrain Valles for current dates

Discover the Mysteries of the Ancient Inca Empire – Join us

Please CALL Efrain Valles Morales for dates
and see his YouTube videos

Discover Machu Picchu of the Inca Empire

Efrain wins Gold

Efrain Valles M. is

YOUR award winning tour guide

Plus, he is has been a member of the CW family since 1989 and is an active Board Member at the CW School for Girls.

older grade

Journey with Apex and visit Chicuchas Wasi too

 How lucky can you get?


Contact Rae Lewis 707-695-0504


Class session 2015

Older student energy

The visit to the Chicuchas Wasi School for Girls will impress you.

We have 110 enrolled this year and our impact is powerful! We are empowering girls to be leaders and change- makers for gender equality in the future.

20150423_073247Sun rise at the Sun Gate to Machu Picchu

20150317_083554_HDRInside the Machu Picchu ruins

20150225_100611_HDRMany examples the textiles you will see and purchase if interested.

20150310_120244_HDRWatch how the textile patterns are made from memory

20150225_095403_HDRWatch how traditional textiles are created on a back-strap loom.

Salt flats tour
While walking through this valley you will learn how families collect and manage salt in the salt flats.

20150225_111729_HDRYou will visit many ancient sites and learn of their importance in ancient times.

Adventure awaits you – Join us next May, 2016

Those Inca stairs

Inca stairs found on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

MP Ruins

Inside the Machu Picchu Ruins


Ancient City of Cusco

Sacred Valley 2

The Sacred Valley Of The Incas

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  1. Sheila Babington

    A visit to Chicuchas Wasi will amaze you with their inspirational teaching and commitment to the girls they look after. It is more than a school, it is a safe haven for impoverished girls and their families to develop and promote positive attitudes.

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