CW Leadership


Chicuchas Wasi Board of Directors – 2017


President/Founder: Rae Lewis, RN – Retired Kaiser Permanente Nurse, Chicuchas Wasi Active Volunteer 30 years and lived in Peru project-10 years

Vice-President: To be filled

Secretary: Betty Woods, RN, FNP, MSN – Californa Board of Registered Nursing – Advanced Practice Member, Jewish Community Free Clinic Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Treasurer: Isabel D. Craft, BS -Accountant for Finance Dept. for Petaluma City, Multilingual: English, Spanish, German

Board Members :
Mary Salfi, BS, Retired Executive Assistant – Catholic Charities, Retired Research Assistant – UCSF, Catholic Charities Volunteer
Rosa Lewis, BSN, RN – Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Somos Amigos Volunteer in Dominican Republic

Director Emeritus: Terry McDonald – Graphic Designer


President: Ruth Uribe Barrios, BA, Administrator/Director CW School for Girls, Cusco, Peru. Certified Professional Teacher

Vice President:

Secretario: Efrain Valles Morales, Graduate of Professional Institute and Tour Operator since 2002. Member CW 29 years.

Treasurer: Gloria Socorro, Assistant Director, CW School for Girls Certified Professional Teacher

Board Members : 

Rae Lewis, RN – California Board of Directors
•Rossana Vera Alarcon, PhD Biologist, International Environmental Consultant
•Efrain Valles Morales, Member of Chicuchas Wasi Community for 28 years
CW ambassador and mentor for girls school. First Place Winner – Wanderlust’s World Guide Awards at the Royal London Geographic Society